Подростки Любят Анал / Teens Love Anal (2015)

Продолжительность: 2 hrs. 52 mins.

Алиса мечтает о сексе, но она хочет быть девственницей. Парень говорит ей, что есть способ и потрахаться и остаться девственницей, можно заняться анальным сексом. Алиса обрадовалась этой новости и подставила свою попку под член парня. Мама Алины застукала дочь и ее парня в тот момент когда они решили заняться сексом. Она опытная женщина и посоветовала им заняться анальным сексом, ведь после такого секса ее дочь и дальше будет девственницей. Мама вставляет член парня в попку своей дочери и принимает участие в этом сексуальном действии, пока парень не кончил ее дочке в попку.

Alice dreams of having sex but still wants to remain a virgin! After praying for an answer, a guy friend tells her she can have anal but still be a virgin. Alice jumps at the chance! He strips Alice down, revealing her perky little titties and perfect little butt! She welcomes him into her ass, getting the pounding she's been dreaming of! Alina's mom catches Alina and her boyfriend about to have sex! She tells them that there's a way to have sex but still remain a virgin - if you do it in the butt! Guiding the young lovers every step of the way, Alina's mom inserts the dick in Alina's butt and cheers them on the whole time, until young Alina's ass is filled with cum! Mandy wants to save herself for marriage but her boyfriend keeps pressuring her to have sex. Her step-brother tells her she can have anal and still be a virgin... and he offers to show her how it's done! Mandy's step bro licked her asshole before sliding his finger in! Then he bends her over and stuffs his cock inside of her virgin ass! Worried about her daughter, Maya's mother asks her bible study teacher to have a talk with Maya. While talking to Maya she admits to him, that she is still a virgin but she wonders what it would feel like to have him inside her! He explains that there are other special places that can be used to remain pure - her mouth and her asshole. Knowing they're relationship is on the rocks, Nickey offers her boyfriend something that will save her virginity and their love... her asshole! He warms her up by licking and tongue fucking her tight hole, but she almost cries when he first puts his dick in her ass, stretching it like its never been before!

Оригинальное Название / Original Name: Подростки Любят Анал / Teens Love Anal
Год выхода / Year: 2015
Жанр / Genre: 18+ Teens, All Sex, Anal, Prebooks
В ролях / Cast: Alice Green, Alina West, Mandy Muse, Maya Grand, Nickey Huntsman

Добавлено: 06-01-2016

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