Клеа и Черри / Clea and Cherry (2018) FullHD

Давайте с помощью этого шикарного нового порнофильма онлайн, перенесемся в великолепные парижские апартаменты, где Клеа и Черри с большим азартом разогревают тела друг друга, до того, как прибудут их партнеры, фантазии которых они с нетерпением готовы превратить в реальность. Красавицы одеты в сексуальное и очень соблазнительное нижнее белье, продолжая нежно ласкать друг друга и целоваться, они с нетерпением ждут момента, когда к ним присоединяться в гостиной представители и обладатели мужских достоинств.

Before your very eyes, the most beautiful girls of the French bourgeoisie offer their carefree selves up for the most perverse debauchery... A luxurious and libertine epic! In a beautiful Parisian apartment, Cla and Cherry undress and have fun with each other... Their fine lingerie, their high heels and their thirst for sex quickly attract two men devoted to their pleasure, who offer Cla an unforgettable double penetration... Young Lovenia is bored in her family mansion. She kills time strolling around in this dream setting and, above all, by blowing the minds of the men who accompany her. Joined in her bath by a fiery lover, she continues her seduction game in the living room, where she enjoys anal sex with two men, who give it to her doggy style. Cherry, tired of Paris and its parties, entices two of her friends to the countryside for a weekend in nature. There, in the middle of the fields, she exposes herself and gives herself to them, before letting them cover her in semen. Cla is proud of her body and likes to show it off in pricey lingerie. To keep her husband happy, she indulges in a naughty garter belt fitting, which degenerates into furious frolicking in the bedroom. Finally, Tiffany joins a lover in the cozy atmosphere of a living room plunged in the shadows ... On the dining table, she gets naked and indulges in her mans the repeated onslaughts, until they reach mutual orgasm...

Оригинальное Название / Original Name: Clea and Cherry
Год выхода / Year: 2018
Время / Time: 1:46:15
Язык / Language: Французский
Жанр / Genre: Feature, All Sex, Hardcore, Anal, DP, France
В ролях / Cast: Clea Gaultier, Cherry Kiss, Tiffany Leiddi, Lovenia Lux, Kristof Cale, Alberto Blanco, Rico Simmons, Ricky Mancini

Добавлено: 21-11-2018

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