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Папа Заставляет Меня Подчиняться / Daddy Compels Me To Obey (2015)



Продолжительность: 00:43:56

You've been spending too much money sending your daughter to a therapist. It only works for a day or two and then you have to send her right back to be put under again. With this item you ordered online, you can put her under yourself and keep the money spent on huge doctor bills. You swing the pendent in front of her but nothing happens. You hit her with a laser and nothing happens. Soon she picks up a lollipop and slides it into her mouth. "Oh my god this is so good," she says as she slowly becomes. "I am your sex slave. I'll do whatever you want," she says. So that's what's been happening at her therapy appointments! Watching her suck on the lollipop turns you on. "I'm daddy's sex slave, and I'll do whatever he says," she says as she's taking off her shirt. Her huge breasts busting out of the top of her bra as she sinks to her knees and sucks you off into her mouth.

Название / Name: Папа Заставляет Меня Подчиняться / Daddy Compels Me To Obey
Год выхода / Year: 2015
Жанр / Genre: Big Boobs, POV

В ролях / Cast: Alora Jaymes, Luke Longley



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