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Порноромантика 2 / Pornoromance 2 (2014)



Продолжительность: 02:57:19
Язык: Английский

Just how filthy can love-making be? If you think romance is all about passionate kisses and making love on a bed of roses, you haven`t seen PornoRomance! James Deen orchestrates some of the roughest, hard-core, vile sex on film, shown in a highly erotic tone that compliments the intense perversion. James` co-star, Dana Vespoli and supporting cast, Penny Pax, Holly Hannah, Judas, and Holly Heart learn fuck romance isn`t all about flowers and chocolates. Sometimes, the passion of a good, merciless, filthy pummel says I love you best. The girls get throat fucked, choked and dominated, slapped, callously penetrated, and pounded in the ass. PornoRomance 2 will have you rethinking what it means to be romantic.

Название / Name: Порноромантика 2 / Pornoromance 2
Год выхода / Year: 2014
Жанр / Genre: Gonzo, Anal

В ролях / Cast: Dana Vespoli, James Deen, Penny Pax, Holly Hannah, Judas, Holly Heart



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