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Секс Уловки Девушек / Girls Sex Tricks (2014)



Секс Уловки Девушек / Girls Sex Tricks (2014)

Продолжительность: 01:39:51

Laura Tinelli seduces us on her first film as director with a vibrant story which will take place in the streets of Barcelona. A story aimed at a modern and alternative audience, lovers of quality porn. Girl Sex Tricks will reveal to us various ways for hooking up carried out by a group of friends: Sara, the manual?s creator, will show us the trick of the "Museum?s Guide", where Peter and Monica, a contemporary couple, will surprise us with the technique known as "The Fan" and the incredible "Five in One", where Angie, a wolf in sheep?s clothing, will reveal to us her method known as "7 minutes" and John, a sweet and handsome friend, will put into practive the technique known as "The Chameleon". A Fresh movie full of great sex.

Название / Name: Сексуальные Шалости Девушек / Girls Sex Tricks
Год выхода / Year: 2014
Жанр / Genre: Gonzo, Anal
Режиссер / Director: Lara Tinelli
В ролях / Cast: Ana Marco, Julia De Lucia, Carol Ferrer, Marta La Croft, Carol Vega



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