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Радио Рейверы / Radio Ravers (2013)



Радио Рейверы / Radio Ravers (2013)

Продолжительность: 2h 46mn

10 hot girls just waiting to be in the music industry. Watch them all try to get there! Radio hot Ben Dover is shooting a webcam podcast in his studio and invites a couple of guests to his show. Amanda is an up and coming singer from Romania and is promoting her new album in Bender`s studio. She gives a little strip tease for the webcam viewers and wants to demonstrate the host and the producer what other talents she posses. Two nuns, jasmine and Tarra, are looking for Ben Dover to assist them with a special request they have but instead, they find two other colleagues that are willing to help Jasmine and Tara with their needs. Girl duo Angelica and Britney have a new record and are at Ben`s show to do some promoting. But instead of promoting their album, Angelica and Britney decide to have some hot, wet fun with their mouths.

Название / Name: Радио Рейверы / Radio Ravers
Год выхода / Year: 2013
Жанр / Genre: All sex, Gonzo

В ролях / Cast: Britney, Tarra White, Black Angelica, Jasmine Black, Amanda Black, Cindy Behr, Harvey Jay, Farrah Fox, Christine Love, Rebecca Ryder



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