» » Время Позаниматься / Time To Work Out (2013)

Время Позаниматься / Time To Work Out (2013)

Время Позаниматься / Time To Work Out (2013)

Название / Title: Время Чтобы Позаниматься / Time To Work Out
Дата выхода / Release Date: 2013
Категория / Category: Gonzo, Big Tits
Режиссер / Director: DiSanto
В ролях / Starring: Brooklyn Blue, Marc Rose, Yuffie Yulan, Dolly Delight, Tara Blows, Chantelle Fox, James Blain, Jack Mason, Johnny Cockfill
Студия / Studio: Pornostatic
Продолжительность / Length: 01:59:46
Язык / Language: English

Описание / Description: With the summer getting closer, you need to think about that bikini body, so now’s the Time To Work Out. But if you go down to this gym you’ll get a workout with a difference. These hunky instructors push five beauties to the limit and get them to pump more than just iron! They put them through their paces on the cross trainer, over the push-up bench and ride them on the bike. These bitches have never burnt so many calories in one session!

Раздел / Category: ПОРНО ФИЛЬМЫ

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