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Нимфетки / Nymphette (1986)



Нимфетки / Nymphette (1986)

Cast: Careena Collins Mike Horner, Sharon Mitchell, Paul Thomas, Steve Powers, Paula Harlow, Jerry Butler, Elle Rio, Regine Bardot, Jack Baker, Ron Jeremy.

Comic Jackie Vernon often told this droll story about a man who travels half way 'round the world to the palace of the high llama in Shangra-la to find the true meaning of life. The man goes through a voyage of the damned only to have the llama hit him with a groaner punch line. Jerome Tanner's newest effort, Nymphette, is on the same order. Groans and all. Careena Collins plays a sexually overactive young woman who is looking for the ultimate orgasm — which she is told lies in the secret of the "Chinese silk-sleeve job." So, like any dutiful orgasmic-bound woman on a mission, she seeks the one person who can give it to her. This then sets the stage for some bad puns, complete with off-the-wall characters, standard sex bits and MTV-style video razzle dazzle. Vernon's story was a little less winded and funnier. ...

Сексуальная, активная молодая женщина в поисках оргазма. Она находится в поисках того,одного,кто может ей дать это...



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