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Терапевт / The Therapist (1992)



Терапевт / The Therapist (1992)

Название: The Therapist
Жанр: Feature
В ролях: Sunny McKay, Sharon Kane, Ona Z, Melanie Moore, Jesse Eastern, Mike Horner, Nick East, TT Boy
Продолжительность: 01:23:58

Красивая девушка постоянно думает о сексе, мечтает о хорошем трахе. Горячие видения проносятся в её красивой головке, заставляя постоянно мастурбировать и не дают девушке покоя. Как излечить такие постоянные видения...

Never mind the hackneyed theme of the sexual awakening of a repressed woman... The Therapist sizzles! Sunny McKay is by turns appropriately virginal and wanton, but the real stars are the other women Sunny sees, hears, and fantasizes about. Ona Zee gives Sunny's friend Mike Horner fantastic head in a hot outdoor scene, and lucky Mike also gets it on in a great scene with luscious Sharon Kane. We may all love babes, but these two are women -- and utterly captivating. Director Craig surely knows how to shoot a sex scene, especially the Horner-Kane pairing; his camera fairly dances in and out, and the editing is noteworthy. Sunny shines in solo scenes, and with veteran Jessie Eastern as a sex surrogate who shows her (and us) how to be nasty. I'd like to sign up for the whole course! Good packaging, too.



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