» » Sweet Nothings / Сладкие мелочи (1987)

Sweet Nothings / Сладкие мелочи (1987)

Sweet Nothings / Сладкие мелочи (1987)

Название: Sweet Nothings / Сладкие мелочи
Страна: USA
Год выпуска: 1987
Продолжительность: 01:23:20
Режиссер: Hal Freeman
Студия: Filmco Releasing

В ролях: Bionca, Keisha, Lisa Melendez, Sheena Horne, Blake Palmer, Frank James, Marc Wallice, Sasha Gabor

Warm, suggestively whispers are just feverish foreplay when a bunch of vivacious vacationers take to the high seas in a luxury yacht. Their Sweet Nothings lead to some sensual somethings. Listen to the soft sexy pleadings of lithesome lovely Bionca as she sensually satisfies Blake Palmer. Or how about the steamy suggestions that buxom beauty Keisha uses to lure Mark Wallice into a wet and wild shower session. Exotic Sheena Horne shows no hesitation as she peels off everything except her high heels and devours Sasha Gabor. And busty Lisa Melendez shares the sweetly satisfying talents that have made her a star. Don't miss the soft, nasty whispers that lead to a raging celebration of uninhibited erotica!

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