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Дааа трахаться!!!! (2013)



Дааа трахаться!!!! (2013)

Названия: Fuck Yeeaaah!!!! / Дааа Трахаться!!!!
Год выхода: 2013
Страна: USA
Режиссер: Nacho Vidal
Жанр: Gonzo, Anal, Oral, Latin, Hardcore
В ролях: Franceska Jaimes, Penelope Crunch, Samia Duarte, Carol Vega, Jaketine Teen, Marla La Croft, Nacho Vidal

Описание: The title shouts coarse sex with exuberance and abandon - Nacho Vidal's exact trademarks, along with the gigantic cock he injects into each scene of his new "Fuck Yeeaaah!!!!" The Spanish director/performer/madman known for ferocious, intense, athletic fucking ruthlessly rams gorgeous Latinas in his home studio in five passionate, relentlessly hard-core gonzo scenes. Fans of no-holds-barred banging will be reduced to incoherent shouts and guttural grunts by the extreme sluts in Nacho's cast of cuties. Dark-haired Spanish model Samia Duarte is booked to model sheer stockings in a photo shoot, but Nacho just has to interrupt business for pleasure. She takes a brutal pounding until Nacho ejaculates onto her tummy. All-natural beauty Penelope Crunch and voluptuous sex bomb Franceska Jaimes (Nacho's real-life wife!) team up to worship the director's enormous pole. He anally reams Franceska's muscular rump and slams Penelope's hot cunt into oblivion. Mrs. Vidal ejaculates girl cum! Slender, leggy Carol Vega eagerly slurps on the director's massive member, drooling as she attempts to fit the fat shaft in her mouth; enthusiastically she humps Nacho's throbber. Dressed in skintight denim and sexy hoop earrings, curvaceous Marta La Croft lets Nacho pound his meat in the cleavage of her giant, round boobies. Marta too squirts an ejaculation. And adorable, petite Latina blonde Jakeline Teen takes a long ride to ecstasy. If you want the fucking hardest, you go to the fucking best. Nacho Vidal's "Fuck Yeeaaah!!!!" is positively filthy!



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