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Босс / The Boss (2002)

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Босс / The Boss (2002)

Название: The Boss
Год выпуска: 2002
Студия: Sin City
Режиссер: Christian Knight
В ролях: Jessica Drake, Lezley Zen, Summer Haze, LA LaMann, Nina Ferrari, Taylor St. Claire, Evan Stone, Eric Masterson, Lee Stone, Cheyne Collins
Жанр: All Sex, Feature, Straight

Продолжительность: 00:46:47 + 00:47:22

Описание: It`s all about working your way to the top. Beneath her prim little business suit, conservative shoes and librarian glasses, the office secretary is a lust-filled nymphomaniac panting to be unleashed! This girl`s looking for more than a promotionJessica Drake is the repressed administrative assistant whose interest is her boss, Evan Stone, goes from professional to personal and finally blossoms into a full-tilt obsession. What would you do if your secretary were as hot as Jessica? Would you risk everything, your career, your family, and your whole life just to be with this perfect specimen? Would a stolen passionate encounter be worth it? That`s the place Stone finds himself in when Drake offers herself up on a silver platter for his enjoyment. When these two take in their passion from the boardroom to the bedroom, office politics turn sexual, and neither one will ever be the same!

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