» » Mission Erotica / Эротическая миссия (1997)

Mission Erotica / Эротическая миссия (1997)

Mission Erotica / Эротическая миссия (1997)

Mission Erotica / Эротическая миссия
Год производства: 1997 г.
Страна: USA
Жанр фильма: Feature, Straight, Action, Couples

Продолжительность: 01:12:15

Режиссер: Michael Zen
Студия: Vivid

В ролях: Kobe Tai, Asia Carrera, Chloe, Stephanie Swift, Randy West, Vince Vouyer, Sindee Coxx, Peter North, Nadia Moore, Heather Hunter, T. T. Boy, Missy, Mark Davis, Jon Dough.

Оружие. Девочки. Обнаженные тела. Фильм характеров виновных как грех. Добро пожаловать в мир Эротической миссии.

Kobe Tai is a very, very bad girl who, when she's framed for murder, gets pressed into the service of Asia Carrera's shady intelligence group, which seems to operate with government sanction but outside the constraints of law. Kobe is given little choice about her service — she's basically told to join up or die. She wisely opts for the former, and begins a rigorous round of training. Anyone who's seen La Femme Nikita will recognize the story. Just as her training is moving right along and she's developing into a smooth, sophisticated killer, Kobe meets fellow operative Mark Davis. He's kind and gentle, and Kobe thinks maybe there's hope that she'll be able to get out of her predicament with out becoming a lethal government drone. Their scalding mish-posish anal romp is the sexual highlight of the film, which, while watchable solely for the narrative, is packed end to end with blistering coitus. “How could sex be better? It couldn't. Most scenes close with both male and female semiconsciousness.

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