» » Ложь во время страсти / Lies Of Passion (1992)

Ложь во время страсти / Lies Of Passion (1992)

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Ложь во время страсти / Lies Of Passion (1992)

Год производства: 1992 г.
Страна: USA
Жанр: All Sex
Продолжительность: 91 min
Режиссер: Jean - Pierre

В ролях: Victoria Paris, Tiffany Million, Raven, Taylor Wane, Nina Suave, Cal Jammer, Steve Drake, Mike Horner, Randy West

Notes: "This is a direct rip from DVD that was obviously a VHS transfer done by Excalibur Video. The quality is very good- although the mastering of the VHS is a little "mushy" for my tastes. It's a great flick if your a fan of Victoria Paris, early Taylor Wane, and/or pe-boob job Tiffany Million. Oh yeah, Raven in all of her beauty - and lack luster sexual charisma - is also in this one. And, if your a fan of "old, creepy mullet guy - with a tiny 3rd thumb", unfortunately, he's in this movie, too! (...and I'm NOT referring to Cal Jammer.) Speaking ill of the dead is classless and crude; ridiculing Randy West is a mandatory requirement - if you truly are a fan of porn." Enjoy!"

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