» » Auto-stoppeuses en chaleur / Автостопом в жару (1978)

Auto-stoppeuses en chaleur / Автостопом в жару (1978)

Auto-stoppeuses en chaleur / Автостопом в жару (1978)

Title/Название: Страстные автостопщицы
Original Title/Оригинальное название: Auto-Stoppeuses En Chaleur
Street Date/Год выпуска: 1978
Runtime/Продолжительность: 1:17:33
Category/Жанр: Feature, Anal, Oral
Company/Cтудия: Alpha France
Director/Режиссер: Claude Bernard-Aubert as Burd Tranbaree
Starring/В ролях: Brigitte Lahaie, Brigitte Verbecq, Cathy Stewart, Karine Gambier (Karine Stephen), Liliane Lemieuvre (Karen Allan), Lucie Doll, Richard Lemieuvre (Richard Allan), Guy Royer, Jacques Couderc, Gilbert Servien

Story/Описание: Возвращение домой к жене для Франсуа оказалось наполнено приятными приключениями. Сначала он подвез двух девушек, затем пришлось утешать сбежавшую от мужа супругу. Очаровательная блондинка выразила желание отблагодарить за оказанную на дороге помощь...

What husband who sets off driving to meet up with his wife on vacation hasn't dreamed of having steamy encounters along the way? This is exactly what happened to Francois, who kicks off his journey by meeting two Danish hitchhikers in heat -- and finishes it worn out by all the beautiful sluts that lined the road. Drop-dead beauties, bitches-to-go, abound in this film. The steamy climax of the journey is reached with the fascinating BRIGITTE LAHAIE, expert in pleasures of all kinds. A huge hit from the golden age of France's ""Cinema x"" era, this film debuted in Paris on June 27, 1979 in ALPHA-FRANCE theaters. There is a certain je ne sais quoi with French porn, especially when it stars the stunning Brigitte Lahaie
Following the carnal odyssey of Francois as he travels the French Countryside attracting pussies in pairs. First he encounters a lively pair of insatiable Danish teens. Then he rescues Brigitte from her maniacal sex master only to return her in a weird masochistic game the couple are playing.
The movie is moody, edgy and absolutely beguiling. Brigitte LaHaie looks like the blonde one in Abba only prettier. Her allure is timelessly magnetic, she exudes sexuality - you really can't take your eyes off her. Brigitte LaHaie is sex. Quel mari Partant replique en voiture sa femme en vacances n'at-il pas reve de faire sur son chemin des rencontres excitantes? C'est le cas de Francois qui periple fils commencer par la rencontre de 2 auto-stoppeuses Danoises en chaleur ... et le termine epuise par toutes les belles Salopes qui ont jalonne sa route. Des creatures affriolantes, Chiennes a souhait, abondent dans ce film. L'apogee voluptueuse du parcours est attaint avec la fascinante Brigitte Lahaie, expert en plaisirs de tous genres. Un tres grand succes de l'age d'or du cinema X Francais sorti a Paris le 27 Juin 1979 dans les salles ALPHA-France.

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