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North-West Pecker Trek Part 3 (1993)


North-West Pecker Trek Part 3 (1993)

Звёзды: Vanessa, Rodney Moore, Randy, Vivian, Vladimir, Kim Odessa, Lynx Dyan, Daymon, Alica
Режиссер: Rodney Moore

Now In Rodneyvision! In "Fowl Play," Rodney is on his dinghy feeding the duckies when Kim joins hi. He feeds her his "dickie," and puts his "dicky" in all of her outputs and juices her jowls real good!
In "Banana Bitches," two sightseeing lesbians share real bananas on the beach and rubber bananas in bed... in the butt and all other orifices. It's quite a sight to see.
"The Babysitter" is about Lynx. She many be barely legal, but she fucks and sucks like a pro. Her babysitting job ends with cum splashed all over her face.



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