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Реальные истории жён 14 / Real Wife Stories 14 (2012)



Реальные истории жён 14 / Real Wife Stories 14 (2012)

Год выхода:2012
Жанр:Gonzo, Fantasies, Big Tits
В ролях:Lisa Ann, Alexis Texas, Gracie Glam, Rachel Roxxx, Taylor Wane, Kayla Carrera, Abella Anderson

О фильме:The hottest cheating wives for your enjoyment! That's What Friends Are For. Tom is out on luck. He lost his place and due to taking the fall for his friend Cris. To make it up to him, he allows Cris to stay in his home with him and his wife, Abella. She meets Cris and finds him too sexy to pass up! With Grace In The Middle There's Some Leeway. The spark has been gone from Manuel and Kayla's marriage for not. They're both banging the same broad: Gracie, the housekeeper! Gracie hopes that by having a threesome, she can help rekindle the sexual desire that they once shared! Winner Winner, Sex During Dinner. Mick and Lisa have been married for a while now. Mick just wants to spice things up, but Lisa is such a prude. During a dinner with friends, Mick tells Lisa exactly how he feels and then they get frisky! Desperate Housewife Domination. Alexis and Kieran have been married for seven years now and things are getting boring in bed. Kieran wants to test their boundaries. At first, things are a little awkward but soon enough they are fucking like they never have before! Infidelititty. Rachel has been married to a dick for the past three years. He treats her like shit and never fucks her right. After his buddy Johnny shows up at his front door, Rachel knows just what to do to pay her husband back!

Перевод : Английский

Продолжение сексуальных историй жен,которые не только будут рассказывать о своих фантазиях а делать все,что бы они исполнились.И скажем честно,это у них получится...



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