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Ценности Сводной Семьи / Step Family Matters (2016)

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Ценности Сводной Семьи / Step Family Matters (2016)

Продолжительность: 02:16:50

As a teen, one of the most exciting experiences is when you first get to learn the details of how sex work. Whether the information comes from a sex-ed class or a parent, one thing's for sure. Whoever it is inspires those first sexual experiences. The step family stories on this DVD are a great example of where the taboo nature of learning first hand from a family member can go horribly right! Brooklyn and Alexis are curious teens with a wet pussy, waiting to be taught. Both get their first lessons in the massage parlor, one with a dad to watch, and one with a dad to teach! Karlee and Ryan have always wondered secretly what it might be like to take their step-sibling's family virginity. But when Romeo gets a taste of his step-sister Alix, he can't help coming back for more, and more and more, eventually asking Ryan Conner to pretend to be his real mom!

Название / Name: Ценности Сводной Семьи / Step Family Matters
Год выхода / Year: 2016
Жанр / Genre: All Sex, Massage

В ролях / Cast: Alexis Adams, Alix Lynx, Brooklyn Chase, Karlee Grey, Ryan Conner



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