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Хакнутые (2013)



Продолжительность / Length: 01:37:55
Язык / Language: English

Hacked is a drama about cyberbullying and its effects. After Stoya learns that Kayden will be getting a promotion over her, she befriends Mr.Pete by giving herself to him in order to use him to hack into Kayden's social media accounts, phone, emails and destroy her reputation. Day after day all of her friends and coworkers received sexual content and propositions from Kayden set up by her menace Stoya, who is out to get her at any cost. Even after having sex with her boss Giovanni Francesco on the factory floor, Kayden couldn't keep her job. What will she do next in order to get her life back? Also starting Rikki Six, Ash Hollywood, Karlo Karrera, Tony de Sergio and Bill Bailey.

Название / Name: Хакнутые
Год выхода / Year: 2013
Жанр / Genre: Feature

В ролях / Cast: Kayden Kross, Mr. Pete, Tony DeSergio, Bill Bailey, Ash Hollywood, Karlo Karrera, Stoya, Rikki Six, Giovanni Francisco



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