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Лучшее От Лолы Тейлор / The Best Of Lola Taylor (2016)

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Лучшее От Лолы Тейлор / The Best Of Lola Taylor (2016)

Продолжительность: 02:27:37

Lola Petrova, Lola Taylor, Ella, but mostly known as Lola, this beautiful, sexy, vicious Russian never loses the ability to surprise us in each and every scene she performs in. That's why we love her and are happy to dedicate this film specially to her, documenting her evolution in the world of porn. It all started with a simple sex scene, followed by an anal casting. Then came the squirts, double penetrations, double anal, the gangbangs, the bukkakes... Oh yeah, this girl is a masterpiece of porn. You won't be able to believe your eyes when you see her passion and depravity in action, and love her or hate her, she will not leave you indifferent.

Оригинальное Название / Original Name: Лучшее От Лолы Тейлор / The Best Of Lola Taylor
Год выхода / Year: 2016
Жанр / Genre: Russian, Blonde, Compilation, DP, Anal

В ролях / Cast: Lola Taylor, Violette Pink



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